We offer many options for your custom metal building, we have sold these buildings for over 30 years and can provide many customers for recommendations and examples of styles you may want to see. 

Please include the following: 

  • Size of the building (e.g., 24'x30')
  • Style of roof (A-frame horizontal or vertical roof, or rounded style)
  • Leg length
Optional Upgrades:
  • Gable ends?
  • Siding? 
  • Ends enclosed?
  • Rollup Doors?
  • Walkin Doors?
  • Windows?
  • Frame outs for custom doors, garage doors, or windows? 
We offer many options from 12' wide up to 70' wide, our buildings go in 5' lengths starting at 15' going as long as you want. If building is over 24' wide or 14' tall customer must provide a forklift for day of installation. 

We will contact you if you are unsure about any of these options.